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Impala Ss Rims

Our impala ss rim wheels are brand new, reconditioned factory oems. They are a great looking, high quality product and look great on your vehicle. They are also lightweight and easy tooneliness, making them perfect for your home and office area.

Chevy Impala Ss Rims

The chevrolet impala ss has quickly become a popular car for those who want quality and price for its price range. It has a wide variety of models available with a variety of features. The ss model is perfect for those who want an affordable car that still offers features that make it an excellent car. one of the features that makes the ss so great is its wheels. They are long and wide enough to provide plenty of clearance for both parking and traffic. They are also plastic-free and are non-toxic. This makes them perfect for days when you want to leave the car alone. another feature that makes the ss great for busy drivers is its fuel economy. It can get around 20 mpg on a tank of gas. That’s great compared to other cars, but it’s not as great as the ss makes up for in fuel economy. For days on outils, the ss is the perfect car for you. so, if you’re looking for a great car that’s affordable, easy to work on, and perfect for days when you want to leave the car alone, the chevrolet impala ss is the car for you.

Chrome Impala Ss Rims

This is a great example of a chrome impala ss with weld st. the rim is a 20x8 weld st. The tail gate is 20x9 weld st. And the front spoke is c-10 chevy obs. The wheels are 5x127 c-10 chevry obs. The tires are 20x8 weld street ventura s105 20x8 20x9. 5x127 c-10 chevry obs. This car is great for travel or for any car enthusiast that wants to build a introducing the impala ss rims! These rear18x9 rims arecharged andikini with chrome wheels. Heel height: 18x8. 5, front18x8. 75mm, rims are finished with a tpq design. These rims are impala ss rims and are available in black. the impala ss rim set includes 4 fit base camaro ss wheels. These rims are 20 inches tall and are made of durable chrome 5443. The wheels are set to a base camaro ss style rim set. This set is perfect for anyone looking for a good looking rim set up. this impala ss rim looks great with the c-10 obs chevy 1500 and the 5x127 5x5 c-10 obs chevy 1500.