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Black Rims For Jeep

Looking for a great deal on a new vehicle? Check out black rims for jeep grand cherokee srt spider monkey style wheels 17x8 gloss black rims! These wheels are a great match for the jeep grand cherokee srt spider monkey style wheels 17x8 gloss black rims. You'll love the look and performance of these wheels!

Black Jeep Black Rims

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Black Rims For Jeep Ebay

If you're looking for black wheels on a jeep, you'll want to check out these great rims! These rims have 20 in 4 grades, so you're getting a good level of quality for your money. The tires are 5x127 and are black, so you know they'll be sure to do their job and give you the performance you need. these black rim pieces for the jeep are perfect for giving your machine a fresh new look. They are made with high quality materials and look great. Our pieces are 21-22 twenties and 20-21 models. They are super smooth and glisten when you pull up to the next stoplight. this is a black rims for a jeep grand cherokee durango 20x9. 0 version. They are 20 inches in diameter and set at 5x5 angles. these black rims are perfect for your jeep, and will make your ride look like a showroom masterpiece. They are 962 size wheels, and have a 12" depth at 12" of width. They are then topped off with 20" wheels which have a 13" depth at 20" of width. Finally, for extra ole chancellor look, add in a 6x127 negative summer tire to give you the look of original equipment.