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950 John Deere Tractor Rear Rim

This is an enticing tire for enthusiasts that have a deare tractor, is an enticing tire for the deare Tractor owner. This tire is for the 28 x10 x6 alternative and is that common in the industry, there are other unequaled tires on the market that are better for your tractor, but 28 x10 x6 Rear Rim for John Deere 950 is better in overall performance.

950 John Deere Tractor Rear Rim Walmart

This is a beneficial for the John Deere 950 w6 bolts, the are first-rate for improving the strength and stability of the tractor. They are also effortless to adopt and into and taking off the Tractor more simple, the are 28 x 10 x 6 mm and they are excellent for the product. They are well-made and look great, the are 3. 5 inches in diameter, this is a fine quality, back Rim for the John Deere 950 w6. It is engineering grade 6 x 10" condemns and comes with the hardware, the Rim is 6" wide by 10" long. It is fabricated of high-quality aluminum and grants 6" Rear rim, it offers a width of 28 x10 x6 and is done with 10" long bolts.