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21 Inch Motorcycle Rims

Looking for a husqvarna tc450? look no further than 21 inch motorcycle rim dimensions te 450cc husky 2022 front wheel takasago excel rim 8000h2075. Our resins are ideal for using in your own moto and will make your ride nicer and more comfortable. Plus, they are available in various colors and styles to suit your every need.

21 Motorcycle Rim

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21 Inch Front Motorcycle Rim

This 36 hole front wheel rim is perfect for the yamaha xt600 suzukidr500 kawasaki kx250. The rim is made of durable plastic and has 2nd hole for easy on-the-go needs. the 21 inch rim is black aluminium with the word harley davidson コスターズ on the front, and it is 1. 85 x 21in in size. It is 211. 85 in. And it is 36 hole. the kke 21 inch 40 spoke rim set is perfect for your motorcycle. It includes 21 inch wheels and a set of 40 spokes. This set of wheels will help you get the best performance from your motorcycle. the 21 inch rim forharley davidsonsonceserent from the yamaha wr250r bike. It's a blue hub rim, which is designed to provide superior performance and cornering grip.