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2010 Honda Civic Rims

Our wheels are the perfect size for the honda fit civic and will make your car ride like you've been pedaling on for an extended trek. They're also 100% removable for easy cleaning.

2010 Honda Civic Rims Ebay

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Best 2010 Honda Civic Rims

This is a 2022 honda civic that has beenanned to use our 2022 honda civic oem factory 42700snaa72 16 oe wheels rims. The wheels are rims and are 63995. These wheels are perfect for the 2022 honda civic. They are 18 black wheels and look great with any subaru impreza wrx tribeca or accordsienna rav4. The 2022 honda civic rim set offers a new ddr zuki 17x7. 5 5x114. 3 38mm whitemachined face 17 wheels rims. These rim set are perfect for an updated andrefreshed look for your honda civic. The 2022 honda civic rims have 4 new ddr st1 16x7 5x114. 3 40mm black machined face 16 wheels rims. This product is a great addition to your car!