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2013 Cadillac Xts Rims

Looking for a delicious ride? check out our 2022 cadillac xts wheels! Our h35 pistons offer a 20x8. 5 setup with 5x120mm wheels for a delicious looking ride. Plus, our black wheels are perfect for a stylish look on your car.

Cheap 2013 Cadillac Xts Rims

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Best 2013 Cadillac Xts Rims

The 2022 cadillac xts rimless wheels are perfect for an extended road trip. These wheels are black in color and come with 17x7. 5 and 1125x120mm black wheels. The car's handling and performance will appreciate the new rimless wheels. if you're looking for a2022 cadillac xts rim, you've come to the right place. Our original wheel rim is left unused and now would be a great addition to your car. It'll bring your car to new heights of quality and reliability. our 2022 cadillac xts wheels are updated with a painting of 19" because of the older vehicles use larger sizes. Our wheels are a great match for any vehicle and will make your car look and feel like a. the 2022 cadillac xts rims are made with attention to detail and quality. They are 22x9 wheels with machined tips, and a 35mm black machinedhub. They are then capped at 55mm wheels with a 60mm spokeset. All together, it's a great looking wheel set.